The Call

“I can honestly say this is purely from my imagination(except for the chihuahua and chinois fabric patterns, I needed refs)It's along the lines of art deco/art nouveau which are my fave period style...btw, I hate it when the phone rings, it's either bad news or someone needs a favor :P”
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Woot! Woot! pppman's back! Big smile Party Party Party Hope you are well and able to publish a queeky soon!

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Like the color

and the pattern you had in these three drawing, very nice color. Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer

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Again this blue, striking and

Again this blue, striking and beautiful! The whole composition is vivid and talking! A great original creation!

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so beautiful little

so beautiful little details,warm colors

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Sometimes I can't believe my

Sometimes I can't believe my eyes at such charming work!!! xoxoxox Smile

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Thank u!

@ha55ha...yup, I admit it...I have phone phobia. Shock Big smile

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suoer pic and detail!!!

suoer pic and detail!!! Five stars Five stars Five stars

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Beautiful Smile

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AND BEAUTIFUL! LIKE A LOT THIS STYLE! Laughing out loud Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars ...

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Nicely stylized

Great color. Pleasant and interesting to look at. Very good Mannamanna. I missed this one earlier.

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