The Canoe

“Maybe it saved right this time”
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YUP! can see it now K. in all

YUP! can see it now K. in all it's glory...nice relaxing painting

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Thanks CHR!

I really was beginning to wonder about this at first I didn't even know it was not visible to anyone but me. I kept wanting to go back and do more to it because I thought it looked bad. The longer I stay away from one of my drawings sometimes the better they start looking, does that make sense? Thanks for your kind words always!

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AWESOME DRAW, KUTE! Five stars Beer Five stars

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Thanks Sketchpad!

I love your latest flowers, they are quite awesome and the style is very cool! I am going to have to try that soon.

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Love the moon's reflection.

Love the moon's reflection.

Just do your best.

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Thanks MP

that strangely was the hardest part to me about this drawing, it just wasn't looking right. Glad it turned out ok. Thanks honey!

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Hopefully it is visible this time...

I saved this a few days ago and for some reason nobody could see it but me. Try again...please someone let me know if it worked. I saved it as a copy this time. Wink