The Dark Side

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fantastic Three stars

Gerda :]xx

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From True blood? (: Very

From True blood? (: Very nice!

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Very neat picture, great job.

Very neat picture, great job.

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Love the eyes! Very dark indeed!

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The Dark Side

Well, it's good. The face, hand, and hair are all amazing. They are beautifully done! The eyes, the do add a...scary element. But to me, it feels as if they don't blend in. Like you were coloring with smooth tools, for the skin, then sharper ones for the eyes. Yes, the eyes and skin are different, it's kind of hard to explain. Good job!! Keep it up!

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Impressive cold eyes! Scary,

Impressive cold eyes! Scary, creepy. But a very good draw! I am sure you have no reason to be scared by yourself...hehe!

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cool! love this eyes Laughing out loud Five stars

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really nice eyes

really nice eyes

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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why you are staring at me marilens!!! Sad

stop it

just jk! Tongue

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