The Fame Monster

“From the cover of LADY GAGA”
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Lady Gaga

Five stars hooray! I love lady gaga buts she's a creeper o_o the obsolete colors express her 'imagination'? cool draw as always Shock

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She's so annoying, but you

She's so annoying, but you made her worth looking at Tongue

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The fame monster

A fantastic draw of Lady Gaga....I see that Hakan is practising her song by singing po po poker face. Smile 5 stars

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He wear a mask and sing; po po poker face Tongue !

thanks for the comments again! Laughing out loud

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Nice composition and colours!

Nice composition and colours! Generous strokes!

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you made her more beautiful ! Cool

actually she is not beautiful ! Sick

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lady gaga

i like the way you captured her looks better than the way her make up and wardrobe people do it...i sometimes wonder what she's going thru

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nice to see her through your

nice to see her through your hand.

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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po po po po po poker face!

poker contest with this song I've been preparing Smile

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fame monster

I'm not familiar with this character but I am familiar with your fantastic abilities...this is a wonderful draw with so much personality in her face. Smile 5 Five stars