the friendly one

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I just love your works,

I just love your works, especially the light in the outside paintings is great. When I have more time, I take a time and look at them better.


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sweet scene

lovely girl in the snow..adorable doll.. Five stars


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Friendly one

Oh I really love this, how sweet the little girl is. The snow is awesome as is the bird and the bush he is resting on. great details as always.. Your trees in the distance next to the wonderful house and barn are great, they look so real. Awesome drawing..FAVS Smile Five stars

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Very pretty...

this snow scene is so pretty. Kind of nostalgic even. The little doll on the sled is so adorable. Very pretty and well done of course! Love

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i really like the background

i really like the background and doll : )

Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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All of them are so cute, the girl, the bird and the doll.