The Game

“Tis the season for FOOTBALL!”
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Nice picture. There will be a

Nice picture. There will be a lot of people cheering on Final Four teams from colleges they never attended, in states they don't reside in and have never been to. Still, March Madness is concluding and the Final Four teams for Final Four 2010 are Duke University, Michigan State, West Virginia, and Butler – and a lot of people will be visiting money lenders to bet on or to travel to Lucas Oil stadium to watch the action. Universities often profit heavily off of sports teams, when increasing the tuition of authentic students, there for academic pursuits.

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This is a really good Picture! ***** Wink

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the game

It certainly tis the season for football! Smile Great colours, shading and lighting. Wonderful draw.. Five stars

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The Game

How did I miss this one...such a cute draw...reminds me of when my boys played. wonderful draw... Smile

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The Game

Cool draw!!! Smile Love it... Five stars

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Very good draw! Nice picture...the lights are good! Smile Smile Smile

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A lovely, nice start into the

A lovely, nice start into the new year! Funny, bright and a good draw, Susie!

Have a good, rich, healthy and fantastic year, dear Susie! For you, for your family, for your soul and heart! And thanks a lot for your warm wishes and comments!

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great lighting

and shading! wonderful! 5 Smile