The Gift of Flowers

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love it

wow i like those colors and it looks like a old but very valuable painting! the golden things and flowers inside are good highlights!


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Thank you

I did that painting a very long time ago. I don't even think we had the same queeky tools back then. LOL I am glad you like this one, actually I remember finding the reference photo at an online flower shop. I find reference photos in the strangest places sometime. I go to furniture stores to find reference photos and all kinds of online stores. Glad you think this is good and thank you!

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I really like the harmony of the colors.

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after this pic, i decided to draw flowers but at first i need to watch your drawings Laughing out loud

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A very elegant bouquet! Fine

A very elegant bouquet! Fine draw!

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gift of flowers

Flowers are always a wonderful gift to receive.....the old saying to 'say it with flowers' is just this is Susie a stunning arrangement of gorgeous flowers. 5 stars

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