The Little Tan Bird

“a facebook friend of mine took the photo that I used for reference, she has some amazing bird photos and Im drawing another one as well just have to finish it. Thanks for looking! Sorry I didn't mean to republish this I was just trying to look at some of my older pictures and I unpublished it by mistake”
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Beautiful painting K

Beautiful painting K Smile

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Wonderful drawing.Do you use digital pencil and graphic tablet?

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i love birds!

Laughing out loud Four stars so pretty! i love the cardinal!

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The little bird has a very "

The little bird has a very " human" look, I like how you've painted it! It looks like a little child, just awaked in the cruel morning...

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YOU GO, GIRL! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you!

Thank you so very much. I love to draw birds almost as much as I love to draw flowers. I've got a couple more birds I'm working on from the same photographer. I'm going to really give it my all to get them done very soon. Thanks again!

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Beautiful little bird...

Beautiful little bird...Smile