The Maid

“playing around with the graffiti wall The original image was done by Banksy...he is such a famous graffitti artist I admire all of his work. I am sure you have heard about him but if not you can read some here:
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Well done!

Well done!


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I love the idea, and creativity. <3

It's amazing.


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creative! funny and wonderful! Smile

Five stars

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Banksy! Laughing out loud

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nice effects

I like how you mixed the real photograph with your drawing.

I type more than I talk.

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Great idea

Funny and well done. I like it 5

Have a wonderful day!

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thumb up

i agree with the others!

it looks really great! i wish i would have a house with a painting like this on the wall, too ^^

very nice how she pulls the white up and you can see the "real" wall Smile

very nice idea!

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Love the idea of tucking the dirt under the paintwork - the void where the bricks peep through is very realistic.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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it just reminded me of when my kids lived at home and instead of picking up the dirt with a dust pan would always do something sill like this. I seen this somewhere on google images and thought it would be fun to do. Thanks again!

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Great idea!

XD The maid at the playground is going so well together. There won't be any mess from the children because it'll be swept into the wall! Great idea!!! Oh and the maid looks so beautiful and kind. Laughing out loud