by Nox

The mystery of a girl

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kawaii desu!

AWWWW~ i love it =D it's soo cute! i love her eyes! they pop out so much and beautiful! xD

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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Woah, das is toll. Love Hast bestimmt 'ne ganze Weile dran gesessen, oder ?

Aber das ist garnicht deine Art, solche Augen zu zeichnen. Shock Aber es ist eeecht schön ! Five starsFive starsFive stars

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Doch es ist meine Art.

Nur eben um sehr viel verlängerter... [?!]

Na jedenfalss mach ich die augen schon imemr so.

Und ursprünglich und wie es auch ist, ist dies ein Chibi.artiges Teil.

You get nothing for nothing. Always you've to work for it.

Artes bonae.

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Welcome to Queeky!

Very cute drawing! I love that it is black and white too. I normally love color drawings but this is really nice! Hey..would you consider making an entry for the Halloween contest: I don't have many entries yet and it ends tonight. It will be fun! And the winner gets a requested draw from me. Anything you want.