The Old Mill

“I added some water to the water wheel and shaded some things. :)”
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the old mill

you are very talented, great draw, as with all your pictures

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old mill

Five stars beautiful scene Kute,

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what a beautiful scenery!!!!!!

That's trully beautiful, amazing!!!!!!!!! 5 stars

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thx for comment my picture!

your art is so amazing i am learning, to be like you =P

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the old mill

This is a wonderful scene, so peaceful, love the reflections in the water. Beautiful work Kute! 5stars

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As always...

Great work !!!

5 stars for the reflection.... hooo how did u do that!!! i like to trow stone to the river and its nice to see the splash!!... but not now this is my computer!!! ha ha ha

great !!!!

łøvє Bєgiиs wiŧЋ α sмiłє, Gяøws wiŧЋ α кiss αиd єиds wiŧЋ α ŧєαяdяøρ

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this looks really cool. I want to point out, that the reflections you did in the water are seriously something awesome. I dont think I'd be able to do that. You've got talent! Five stars

Man it is great to know we can edit our old pictures with the new updates of queeky. I absolutely love this website.. this is by far the best on the web.

♥ DaQ ♥

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most important thing: every

most important thing: every artwork created on Queeky will be compatible with more early versions.

This means any Queeky Artwork whenever created can be edited with the new tools Smile)

I will try to to keep this dogma in the future Wink

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Lol, thanks kute for your comment about the new tools but I have to disagree you, we don't have everything yet:

Layers and smudge are something like the new basics for Queeky.

I am working on a blur tool, an additional paint-tool with different brushes like on sumopaint, two versions of the drawing tool (vector and pixel) and much more...

Every new feature on Queeky will support replay of drawing process, because this is the basic idea of Queeky.

There will be options to export/download Queekys in respective formats: Vector for vector drawing tool (.svg) and Pixel (.png , .jpg, .gif).

There will be an option to download/upload image sources to your comp (.queeky , .jpg , .png).

Everything is possible, so if you or any other community member has got an idea about improving or enriching the tools, please don't hesitate to message me Smile

see you later, PH

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Love Love Love I guess I was wrong. Oups You have a lot in store for us. You are going to make it very hard for me to wander around the internet to find the perfect drawing applet....because we are going to have it right here. I am so excited about all of this and also honored to be a member here.