The others

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The others...

Thats an imaginative title.. i like it. Well you got the polar bears good side, he looks so peace full.

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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expression of polar bear Smile

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the others

This wonderful relaxed polar bear seems to be enjoying a day without fear! a feeling of freedom a day free of hunters, I hope so and many, many more too for this very beautiful animal. Amazing works pppman. 5 stars.

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Who has said, the animals

Who has said, the animals haven't any soul? I don't believe that, when I see this happy feeling on his face. He seems to enjoy the smooth sun or wind. A beautiful picture and a good idea!

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The others

I'm thinking he should be holding a bottle of pepsi or coke lol... The look on it's face is as if it smells something in the air. A very relaxed looking bear. such perfect fur texture and I love the color blend. Excellent draw pman. Smile Five stars Five stars Favs.

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The others

Just wonderful! FIVE