The Real Enderman

“This is my version of what I think an enderman from Minecraft would look like if it wanst made out of blocks and pixles.”
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minecraft xd

i love this, i love minecraft and this drawing is greatx D

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wow creepy...

wow creepy... i love minecraft but i dont know if i would play if that were in the game!!!!!!!

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This is really cool. Great

This is really cool. Great job on the hands Smile

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Uh, SCARY. I hate Enderman.

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Hehe, Thanks. Yeah, I agree

Hehe, Thanks. Yeah, I agree with you, I would be to scared to play Minecraft if enderman really looked like that. Thanks for liking!

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DAMN! he looks terrible (IN A

DAMN! he looks terrible (IN A VERY GOOD WAY!) I wouldn't play minecraft with that in the game... I would just be too scared...

skeleton like with long limbs with bad purple breath and purple glow... yeah.. that's very.. nice... Tongue