The Return

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Absolutely outstanding!

Absolutely outstanding!

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Thank you


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beautiful sword and background!

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Thank you


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FreezeHeat - it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love this and the whole

I love this and the whole story!! Great work Betty !!! Laughing out loud Smile Party Love

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Thank you gabyconstanza

Merlin hated the Saxons. He was a Druid ( and a brilliant engineer ) and the Druids had been badly treated all through Europe. He placed the sword in the stone so that "anybody" would find it. The moonstone only glowed once every four years at the spring equinox. Arthur, who was the son of a local farmer saw it when he was bringing home a herd of sheep. The rock was a mechanical device which appeared like a real stone. However it was really a water clock based on a clever Egyptian design. The condensed water on the moonstone ran down a hole into the rock, which caused an iota enough extra weight to start the mechanism. The rock "released" the sword just as Arthur approached. Then Merlin proclaimed that Arthur was the future king. He took him away and literally brainwashed him into believing in his destiny, which was to destroy Saxons - the rest is history - ?? Big smile Laughing out loud

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Can't rewrite history

pppman - but the future holds untold sagas - say the pppman epic - Laughing out loud

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Ha ha ha

That's true. Wink Beer

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