the shaman

“New piece new ideas ^^ This one is about an Shaman from some foreign culture. Unfortunately i got problems with the proportions, i still think the head is too big ^^”
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the shaman

Great job on this, the proportions look cool to me...very nice work. 5 stars

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Drawing more, the problem

Drawing more, the problem with the proportions ( I dont see any problems here...) will disappear! Be sure!

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pretty cool

looking, and hey just because you think you made a mistake doesn't mean others will, no one knows what you intended to draw so shhhhh ha ha. I think you did a great job, the chain is awesome and the shaman is done well. I like the rings around the neck and his expression. Well done... Smile 5 Five stars

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its ok..i like the

its ok..i like the proportions

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile