The Sheik

“a still shot from a movie and the man of my dreams :) Ali Al Ameri as Mansoor In Young Black Stallion”
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good job

and very beautiful Smile

5 Five stars

why he is the man of your dreams ?

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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You were gone for a while and it scared me that you were not coming back. I was so happy to see you come back I had a sigh of relief. Thanks for your lovely comment and again..I am so happy you are back! Big smile

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Hi, Kute! Thank you for your

Hi, Kute! Thank you for your comment, thanks for the good words! I see you were very busy and have drawn and painted great pictures, variated, very well and fine done...

Clarity, brightness and a special freedom! Gooood job, Kute, congratulations!