The Unknown

“I really don't know I found a reference photo and it was pretty weird but kind of interesting so I decided to draw it.”
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i love the color on the lips, and when i see the thumbnail...i dunno...i think i fall in love with the dude...maybe that's what's with the lady bug...she's in love with him, too

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That's beautiful, Krapphace.

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its very very coool !!! :D

its very very coool !!! Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud

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Very interesting

draw for sure.. the bandage looks great and the features are too..great job.. Smile Five stars

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Poor guy.

Looks like he is being attacked by the lady bug.

The bandage is so neat. It is soaked with his sweat.

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I bet he feels sort of helpless. I can't figure out if he is supposed to be in a hostage situation or what. I still really don't know why I drew this, maybe it was the ladybug that attracted me to the reference photo or the cloth around his eyes. Oh well, I am a tad bit strange sometimes. Thanks so much for the comments and rates on this and the fave. Wink

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Poor thing

This is great but, I feel like helping him. :S

Rebbecca Cormier

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Cool draw

Cool draw Big smile