The White Queen

“Just another character from the new Alice In Wonderland Movie. I love that movie!”
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Phew....trying to keep up

Phew....trying to keep up with your Alice in wonderland draws...again a real nice little are really getting into the wonderland theme...good for you!...big 5!

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Thanks Ernie!

Yeah I was trying to do them all but I got stuck on that Silly Cheshire cat. LOL Just logged in this evening to see silly kids writing comments.

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Omg Yay!

To be honest she was my least favorite character out of the movie. Dunno why, guess cause the way she acted. xD

Amazing draw though, look exactly like her! :]

- Life's Little Fairytale of Lies -

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She was also my least favorite...

but I had to draw her because I did like the fact that she looked so sickly. LOL I tried to get that across with her pale face and dark circles.

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You by far perfected doing so too! :]

- Life's Little Fairytale of Lies -

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The white queen

Very pretty draw, I like the soft white look and that little mouse. Nice detail... Smile Five stars Well done

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Thank you so much Marilyn.

I enjoyed drawing her. I am stuck on one of the characters though so I may just skip on to something else now. Thanks for your vote and your comment!

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Thank you gentlemen! Yes I really do like this movie and yes..I hope to draw them all. I won't be happy until I do. I am glad you all like them. As a matter of fact, you put a huge grin on my face tonight. Right now I am looking like the Cheshire Cat. LOL

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are gonna draw all the characters, are you? Smile

Keep on, my friend.

I agree, IT IS A GOOD MOVIE. NO matter it's IMAX or not. Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Very pretty, I love the

Very pretty, I love the little mouse Tongue.. I'm beginning to think you like this movie or something.