The Wolf

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this artwork is incredible ! i wish i had your talent !! i love the way the colours in the fur blend .

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You have some talent!

You have AMAZING talent on the computer!!!!!!! The best wolf I have ever seen!!!!!!! Laughing out loud

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ive always looked at ur pics. theyre amazing!!! its sometimes hard to believe that people can do this on the computer!

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The Most beautiful drawing i have ever seen a collie right Quest anyway Smile 5 STARZ Five stars YOUR LIKE THE Crown DRAWER WOW!!!!! Exclamation Mark Big smile ITS Shock Sad( WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE THAT!!!! Laughing out loud BYE HOPE YOU DRAW MORE Big smile CHECK MY PROFILE!

v (me)

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omg! i'm in love! :D

amazing work. really captures the essence of lonely wolves. simply wonderful!


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OMG It loOks real :D

Really Niceee .. love it Laughing out loud

Ola Suaifan
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Great Work

I've watched several of your draws and I'm using your work in my Graphic Arts class. My kids and I are amazed at how you go about your paintings. I just have one question - are all of these low res or can you save them as high res versions to print out? I'm really impressed with this web-based tool, but being able to print a finished project would make queeky even better. Thanks for sharing your work!

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I am honored

that you are using my work in your Graphic arts class. Graphic arts is something that I have indeed always been interested in. I am a self taught artist, I have never in my life had an art class let alone graphic arts. So it is interesting to me that my work is being shared with your students. As far as high res. versions, I am not sure. It is an interesting question. You are very welcome and I will continue to draw and share my artwork here. And thank you for sharing my work with your students.

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this wolf is very beautiful,

this wolf is very beautiful, i love this animals^^


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hair... great texture and nice contrast with the black starry sky.