The World In Color

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that is fab Three stars


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I agree!

Happy New Year, Susie, like a rainbow! Five stars


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I really like

the concept...and agree with your words!

Do everything with LOVE...

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Thank you...

you seem to always support my work and again you put a smile on my face with what you say. Thanks for all of the support through out the 2011 year, lets have a Super 2012 here at Queeky! Joy you are an incredible artist, and such a good buddy! Hugs! Laughing out loud

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The world in color by kutedymples I love eyes and your drawing is very creative and well drawn. Love the colors.


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Agree with all.

And I love the bold white blood vessel in the eye. Great one, Kute. Laughing out loud

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Thanks ha55ha!

I'd have to say you are just about my favorite artist of all time here at Queeky. Your attention to detail, color and style is something I strive for in every drawing that I do. Not to mention your new found canvas paintings that you have been doing. dear girl you are a bundle of it. To get your kind comments on my artwork gives me a warm glow, and a feeling of big hugs. Thanks so much for being so supportive all through this last year and I will strive to be better through the next. Thanks!!! :Cool

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I like your handwriting too. Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Thanks pppman!

The handwriting is something I copied, actually since young have been able to copy almost any handwriting. I guess that stems from back when I was a teenager trying to copy my parents handwriting on forged school notes. :Cool Oups Just looking at handwriting I can just about write like anyone. Sometimes it used to get me into trouble. LOL Thanks pppman for your comment, and it has been a pleasure to get to know you through your drawings since I have been a member here. My admiration for your talent and style is through the roof. Thank you!