There Are Strings On Me

“Well after watching the movie , I decided that I needed to draw something realted the Avenegers Age of Ultron, so instead of the movie one, I decided to use the Classic Ultron, the one I grew up with!! So I decided to create this, Ultron with strings Haha, rather him having no strings, cuz common te movie was being controlled by Disney, and its run time was just as long as Transformer, and had alot of expolsions!!! Im not gonna brag anout this movie to you guys, I already did enough nagging to my friends, Ill just spare you from my fussing. So please rate, and comment, tell me if you liked the movie, or just wished that they did whatever to make it better then the meh rating I gave it. TTYL PS... To me like always I dont think this drawing is 100 percent done, but I like it anyways!!”
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THIS_IS_AWESOME!!!! Oh I absolutely LOVED Age of Ultron, and using the original comic book version and making him seem as a puppet is awesome, you did an awesome job my friend!!! Love it, absolutely love it!!! Love Big smile Five stars Five stars Five stars

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This is awesome!!! :D

O_O I LOVE IT! Laughing out loud

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Pretty creative. Cool coloring and shading also.