by Yoli

There Was A Weird Smell In The Air

“Hm...I thought Id try something graffiti like...”
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Cool character! I love the

Cool character! I love the way gas masks look Laughing out loud

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Welcome here to Queeky, I noticed your last piece you are on the right track with the hair and eyebrows but on the hair just use the pencil tool at 1 or 2 and lower opacity and add lighter details and the eyebrows I use pencil tool and make small hair like lines starting over the inner corner of the eye and going outward not one continuous line if that makes sense.

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Thank you for the advice Laughing out loud if I ever decide to try again, I'll definitely keep that in mind. I tried doing it with the pencil but got frustrated...ahaha. And by the way, I've looked at yours and many others art on here..and wow..just wow. You and many others are so extremely talented, it inspires me to keep trying :3

Art saves all of me.