There's Wonder In Your Eyes

“Okay I'm actually really proud of this one, it's the first Queeky drawing of mine to turn out the way I wanted it to. I might actually be starting to get the hang of this... but seeing as I once again deleted my palette by accident, maybe not. I struggled a bit with the perspective but I think I got it to work in the end :)”
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Proud you should be!!!!

Proud you should be!!!! Five stars Big smile

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein

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A good work, you can be

A good work, you can be really proud on your hands and skills!

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This is great.


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Thank you ha55ha

For the complement and the welcome Party

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Um... okay

Seriously who leaves one stars? Thank you to the people who voted though

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Usually people who don't draw

Usually people who don't draw do. Or maybe accident. I did that once to someone but I think I fixed it. not sure.

Just do your best.