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1 Variation

1 Variation


mazalmighty's picture

Wow this is amazing ^^

i love the way the figures in the background are faded ^^

dewdrops's picture
Eerie feel

Aliens or the UFO.

u have captured the idea beautifully.

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they are coming

A beautiful, touching impression... It keeps me looking at it over and over again...

angelr's picture

I like the effect the light casts over the cave Laughing out loud

I'm sorry about your friend ><


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prikolnije zweta...Innocent)


spring's picture
they are coming ..10..

Endray this is just fantastic. ..10..

summer's picture
they are coming

how lovely of you to dedicate this to your friend,

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..Sad so sorry.... my friend lost in the sea... he draw like this and better... draw a planets, suns... strange friend... but perfect!

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how sweet

did that really happen becouse i can relate to that my father died at sea in 1991 heres a pic you might have to copy and paste the whole thing by the way great pic and how sweet of you

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this work...

i devote to my friend who lost in the sea ten years ago..