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Gorgeous white tiger, great markings and lovely blue eyes. Wonderful draw Austin. Five stars

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Thank you Gemma, ^_^

Thank you Gemma, ^_^

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White tiger.

Wow this is great. White tigers are my fav animals in the whole world. Sexy: Sexy: Sexy: Sexy: Sexy:

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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Thanks you two for the

Thanks you two for the comments Smile

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Cute white tiger!

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Very soft, it looks like a

Very soft, it looks like a sweet kitten, but...who knows how dangerous he is! Wonderful done!

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Thanks Marilens, Tigers are

Thanks Marilens, Tigers are also my favourite ^_^.. Hopefully my next drawing of one will turn out better XD

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nice tiger Austin, the white Tiger is my favorite. the blue eyes are so pretty with the soft white hair. great job Smile Five stars