To Close for Comfort

“A Farm House next to a city with buildings made of Glass. An old woman sits by the window looking out at the city feeling lost in the moment. As the fog drifts into the valley the old man looks to his wife (who’s been sitting at the window for at least an hour) then walks across the room, sits in the chair beside her and takes her hand . She finally brakes from her gaze and looks at him, they both smile and he says in a gentle tone; “Honey, I think it time to move.” ”
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Beautiful colors.

Very sweet colors. Nice story, too. Laughing out loud

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wonderful colors and fog

wonderful colors and fog Big smile

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very nice...

you gave a mistery atmosphere, as to the story..well done!!! Love Love


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Far from the maddening crowd!!

Nice story and nostalgic art katykeen!

Every artist was first an amateur.

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color - and interesting scene. The story is nice too.