To Lulu

“A request by Lulu for me to draw her doggy. I normally dont do requests but she has been very sweet and I couldnt resist. Here is the reference picture she sent to me:
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and so sweet!!


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I just LOVE your Queeky creations! You create my favorite creations! I have been searching on tags for pictures and my favorite tag is animals! Whenever I click on a picture I like, you are always the person who created it! Great Work! Keep your awesome creations coming Wink

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I know this isn't my drawing but thank you for commenting on my doggy...He greatly appreciates it Smile

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

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draw Five stars

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He is...

A very intelligent dog and knows what he wants. He is pretty spoiled and full of himself. He thinks he is a German Sheperd...Thank you for all the wonderful comments about my puppy. He loves all your kind comments.

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

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job!!!! Laughing out loud So well done! FIVE

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nice little dog!

it looks so smart! it also looks laike one of my father,s fox terrier!nice dogs! i like it Laughing out loud 5 stars!

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Good likeness

This is as everyone says one cute little dog ... and you portray that so well. Most small dogs are "big dogs in a small body" and in this case those ears say "I am a big dog really - don't mess with me"

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Nice pic!

Really nice draw on this one Kute!...big 5!

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:Cool Five stars

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