To WarriorCats1223

“She ask me if I could draw her new puppy, so here it is.”
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so cuuute!!!!!!

Fantasy forever!!

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Thanks again...

for your comment on the puppy. Laughing out loud It makes me very happy to hear that others like what I love to do.

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wow its so cute XD

wow its so cute XD


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so cute!!!!!!


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dog!! Smile Five stars

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thanks for making this! i wuv

thanks for making this! i wuv it! so wunderfully drawn! i bet if teddi was human. she wuld luv this!

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You are very welcome...

I am so glad you like it. I hadn't seen you online for a day or so and I was wondering about you. Your comment is cute and makes me smile.

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yeah, i was a bit busy with

yeah, i was a bit busy with teddi cuz u know, she's still a puppy. so i am not gonna be on queeky that often

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What A Nice Draw!

This is so cute and well drawn...well done kute, keep it up!

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excellent work.. looks vicious...the surrounding of dog, edge of hair could be sharper

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile