Bathroom Driplet Dragon

“And the Driplet Dragons lives on! This custom was asked by one of my biggest Driplet Dragon fans out there -NeoStarAdopts- She is a great friend and loves my Driplet Dragons. She is building a hoard of them. It was really funny and hard to believe that she wanted a Bathroom Driplet Dragon. He was surely fun to make though! Many people asked me if there will be more creatures as Driplets and well yes there will be. Im very happy that many people are so into these guys, wanted some and trying to buy some. Glad all of them love these fellas. Posting up a few more Driplet Dragons! -DRIPLET DRAGONS ARE CLOSED SPECIES OF MINE, NO STEALING OR COPYING, ONCE YOU GET ONE YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL IT OR GIVE IT AWAY WITH OUT MY PERMISSION-”
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