by KO

Tony Jaa

“I Love, Tony Jaa, And the Ong Bak series, so I decided I'd Sketch something from the series. Yes Photo Reference, No I did not trace, Image was open besides the Queeky application. done in about an hour, I guess. :]”
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Great pose of him. I like

Great pose of him. I like him, too. I'll tell him that you draw him if I have a chance to see him. :]

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Yes, the picture was awesome, I couldn't resist Laughing out loud

If you get a chance to tell him that, you'd better take pictures ;P


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Oh my god, lol, I had no idea you actually lived in Thailand XD

Thats so awesome.. How I envy you :'D


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Great job..good shading and highlights.. Smile

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Thank you

Thank you, he was fun to draw Smile I'm thinking of drawing him again.


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great yaa

his films are very good

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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I agree ;P


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Great draw

Great draw Big smile

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Laughing out loud


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Love Ong Bak!

Really well done KO! And congratulations to you and Donnie for having one of your multidraws shown as the main image in the collaborate section in the Queeky tour! I was so happy when I saw that! I just love your art and your style!!