Toph Bei Fong ( Blind Bandit)

“Toph (Blind Bandit) from Avatar the Last Airbender. One of my favorite characters from the series”
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LOVE...just love.

Oh my goodness, the detail and just the whole thing, is so amazing! I watched all twelve episodes of Legend of Korra for the first time in one night! Laughing out loud


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this is so great!

my friends say that i remind them of toph a lot lol. she is one of my absolute FAVORITE cartoon characters ever! nice style i love the hair and the headband. and the eyes.

team Haymitch! woot

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She's also my favorite character from The last airbender :3

Art saves all of me.

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good style

very nice

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Think you very much!! Big smile

Susan Damaris Rivera/LilyTree

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Thank you!! Laughing out loud

Susan Damaris Rivera/LilyTree