Troubadour, without Lute

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all artists are sensitive as are you, and I. I believe that there are many that make a positive difference..and others on the fence just need a litle push now and again to do good. Cheer up - your art inspires and you have made me feel and wonder looking at your art - that's an accomplishment! Smile

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My dear friend Betty, thanks

My dear friend Betty, thanks for your words of hope and for all ! The human being has always found solutions to problems ... sometimes the price paid by our ancestors was huge in terms of suffering! The art is excellent and imposes a necessary humility in all of us, watching all the wonderful work of the galleryQueeky, I am enchanted by all the Sensitivities that observe here, Their work is a good example !Feel like crying : ARTISTS TO POWER ! Laughing out loud Thank you for everything !

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He seems so familiar.

He seems so familiar. Beautiful music, love Vivaldi. This must be in Sastamala Church, Curch of Sant Olavi, which was burned and then rebuilt. But anyway people made it new, new wooden roof and inside wooden furniture. There is great art made by Kuutti Lavonen and Osmo Rauhala. After visiting it sumo paintings look so different, from other level. But I am not sure, if this is in that church.

Thank you for your words. This world is so odd place. You have to live your own life in the middle of poor and rich, misery and luxury, good and bad people, happines and unhappines trying to keep yourself alive, loving and trying to find truth among lies, real things among false. Its not so easy.


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According to this page, this

According to this page, this festival is held within of Old Church de St Mary's of Sastamala ,

Impressive relaxed posture and without preconceptions of the interveners ... the value is in them .

Thank you for all your advice. I'm far from perfect and as the years pass, I feel I have almost everything to learn. The only thing I can not stand is the gratuitous lie, those that offend, and despise the intelligence of others. I have an excellent relationship with all their peculiarities and social types. There is one thing I find sad, the grand design of humanity is to leave a better world for young people ... I not see it in society today.

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I didnt want to advise, its a

I didnt want to advise, its a problem of language, I tried to make a passive form. I thought of myself and people like me and maybe you, too. I think, this world is somehow impossible. Good intentions nourish so easily something not so good. The truth is not so easy to find. I wish also that we could leave a better world to new generations. But how? In Turku, town in southern Finland, they planted plenty of cherry trees some years ago and it was told in TV-main news. This made me glad and was only good news told in TV news in long time. I think it was a great thing, too, when people in Sastamala collected their forces and built that church again, after somebody had burnt it. I dont know this church of StMary. Try to find it. Happy thoughts to you.