Truly, Deeply, Madly...

“in love with you!”
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I bet that didnt feel very

I bet that didnt feel very good... Amazing draw. Smile

My signature is WAY cooler than your signature.

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roses are red...

violets are blue,

this draw is awesome

and so are you;)

couldn't resist! ha ha! Nice draw...looks so painful though, just like love can be at times.

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painful powerful

crazy.. so strong..I Five stars Five stars Five stars 'm so impressed by this which can express so much!!wow this!! Five stars Five stars A FAV INDEED..


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Ouch, but awesome draw!

Ouch, but awesome draw! Big smile

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very nice

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Oh...I can't imagine if it

Oh...I can't imagine if it was my hand Puzzled

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yes it does look very painful. I couldn't imagine that sort of pain. Glad you like it, I am usually not into bloody draws but I love trying to do hands and of course flowers are my favorite. Thanks again!

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...!...danger!... Big smile


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looks [ainfull.. but i really

looks [ainfull.. but i really like this : 0

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