Tulips in a pot

“A test for the paint programm”
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Hi , ploiesteana

I'm glad to see you again. Laughing out loud

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maybe it's a Flash problem. Nowerdays browsers make it more and more complicated to use.

Maybe this helps: https://www.queeky.com/forum/how-to-enable-flash-player-in-modern-browsers

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So happy to see you here

So happy to see you here Ploiesteana; you and your beautiful art have been greatly missed...Hope all else is going okay...I love all of your art and this is very nice; I especially like the little clay pot and the tulips too...enjoy yourself while painting and with everything...take it easy...

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Hello, my dear friend, I am

Hello, my dear friend, I am very glad to read your warm and beautiful words, it's very nice to receive such a beautiful message. Thank you from my heart! Have a beautiful weekend!

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You're welcome Ploiesteana

You're welcome Ploiesteana and whether you paint or not, it's good to hear from you...maybe Phil the administrator can help with these problems you're having of the brushes jumping around and not being able to save your work....I had the same problem with the brushes jumping around and then it disappeared out of the blue...I'm not sure how to help with not being able to save your artwork though.

Maybe you should download Queeky desktop and try it again...sometimes if you remove one program and then download it again it may work....

It can also be search engine you're using...try downloading Safari for example and see if Queeky paint works better with Safari instead of Internet Explorer....GOOD LUCK AND HOPE PHIL THE ADMINISTRATOR CAN HELP YOU GET BACK ON HERE AT QUEEKY...

Bye for now...

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Hi Ploiesteana....Good to see

Hi Ploiesteana....Good to see your art on the board again...Your test looks successful....Good work! Smile

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Hello, dear Chr, thank you

Hello, dear Chr, thank you very much for your so good words and friendly comment!!! I am here not for a long time, my Queeky paint program doesn't allow me to paint like a long time ago; the brushes are jumping and I don't know how to master them. I also have problems to save my painting. Maybe it's an error with the program. I hope you're well , I wish you this!

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well done


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Thanks a lot, dear Bubbi, I

Thanks a lot, dear Bubbi, I am glad you liked this one;Have a very good day!!!