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by KO

Turn Around

“I cant keep drawing this, its too bad to fix XD and yes, this is supposed to be kind of scary creepy. make up the rest yourself ;P, I'll get this out of my gallery some other time, Its just a sketch ^^ no reference, no tracing no morals.”
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danila's picture
well this could

have many interpretation, according to each one fantasy, all in all it has great Dark atmosphere..very well done...


KO's picture
Thank you

Danila, A very good surmise , I'd say Smile

Thank you so very much Laughing out loud


Trumoon's picture

Wonderful Big smile

KO's picture

Thank you, Trumoon


INANINA's picture

WELL DONE NUDE! YES, AND THAT WHO STANDS NEAR BY SCARES! Shock Smile MANY STARS! Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

KO's picture

Thank you very much, Inanina Laughing out loud

I'm so glad this is such a big hit ;P


Yugiohgx's picture
Lolo I'm not scared I'm

Lolo I'm not scared I'm amazed Wink

KO's picture

Aw, Thank you Laughing out loud


Donnie's picture

I don't get the problem with this picture, obviously she didn't think it would be that cold in the water, but now she told the guy and he's going to get her towel for her. Clearly. Great draw, moral-less person. I rated Five stars.

KO's picture

You got it completely right, my in-genius friend XD

No, not really. but thanks for the rate, and comment ;P