Turquoise Dream

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mysterious..love this.. Love Love


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Cool , love the

Cool , love the blue-turquoise in your picture!

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Awesome painting and video!!!

Awesome painting and video!!! I know David told you how to do it!!! Like the Yorkies do!! ha ha xoxoxo Hugs Smile

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HAHAHA ! I loved the

HAHAHA ! I loved the response! What would we do without them... hehehehe ! xoxoxo and Hugs too Smile

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Bravo, kindre!

This painting is awesome! If you're auctioning this I'll be the highest bidder!...and thanks so much for the video!!I was mesmerized for 3 minutes...the technical set-up was an eye-opener...I would have loved to have seen that in real life...keep "linking"...I'm learning a lot of stuff from them. Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Big smile

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I'm delighted that you like!

I'm delighted that you like! His words are the highest award! Thanks for everything! Kindre

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Amazing video!!!

You very well represent the spirit of the video Five stars

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Thats cool !

Looks like an extreme closeup of an alien being's skin.

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