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Interesting "seeing" fingers!

Interesting "seeing" fingers! Interesting idea!

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love your surrealism

strong... Love Love Love Love Beer Beer Beer


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Thankya, Dani

Thankya, Dani Laughing out loud

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I like!

Ok, so I like this, I really do... I showed someone else this, and this person likes creepy, so you hit a note with them but there seemed to a be reason of which made the creepy better to them (of which they couldn't explain)... I personally like how you used the different colors to lure the eye across the eyes from one side of the picture to the other side by creating a flow of cool and warm tones across the monochromatic sea of a being. Of which makes for a great contrast of tone. I also enjoy how you used gemtones in the eyes across the knuckles as if they where real jewelry. If there was anything lacking I would have appreciated a little more depth in the individual colors of the eyes (as if they where real gemstones) to create a little more contrast, as they are now they doooo pop but I would want them to pop a little more (personally). Overall I love it!!!!! Crown Five stars Crown Great JOB!!!!


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First off; Thank you for

First off; Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you and your friend enjoy my drawing. Yeah, I agree with you. Unfortunately I'm not too good at drawing eyes, but I'll try to add a little more definition when I find the time. Once again, thanks for the comment and rating Nedeeb Smile

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I think

this is deep although what it means I do not know...........perhaps the blind person is good at Braille and their hands see?

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Thank you so much, Betty. And

Thank you so much, Betty. And that's a good interpretation ^^

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Really cool

like the idea, esp the wound on his nose. Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer

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Thanks for the comment, Pman!

Beer Beer Beer Thanks for the comment, Pman!

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Great idea!

Who would have known that there're the eyes in our hands! Shock Love the colors at the eyes. They look as if they are the jewelry on the hands. Laughing out loud