Twin White Lion Cubs I found the correct link for the video see if this one works. ”
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haha it looks like the camera person got their attention or they found something new to play with! great draw , and i can imagine them popping the toy... Tongue

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so cuteee

what an adorable lion cubs, great draw, Five stars

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I adore felines

as you lnow, this couple are taking my heart!!!Thanks Kute for this!!!!!! Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars a fav!


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Thanks Danila for the sweet comment. YVW also. Glad you like it and thanks again for the fav! Laughing out loud

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They are so cute...nicely

They are so cute...nicely done Big smile

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zoo cute is this

zoo cute is this

Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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Very adorable!

you really have a knack with animals don't you Kute!? I love the details, though i can't seem to figure out what they are playing with? A sock, woven bag, mittents? Very great job!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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Thanks Trixy

I just love them, maybe that is why I like to draw them so much. They are playing with a furry blow up toy. I didn't get it good sorry you can't make it out. That gray thing is the blow up part that came undone from them being rough with the toy. Thanks for your comment! Laughing out loud

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AAAAAAAGH wat adorable faces, aaaw its sooo cute Kutedymples could u do Jaguar cubs just ask if u want a ref but knowing u, u'll get one urself, the jaguar Cubs are a request teach me how u use these tools btw I wanna know wat right tool to use 4 which part. anyhooo nice draw.

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but I no longer do requests. It is too time consuming and I have too many of my own drawings to finish. Thanks for your comment though.