Twirling Santa

“A decoration I grew up with. Vintage decorations are usually the best kind”
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I love this picture!

I love this picture! But...i dont beliven santa i didn't choose to beliven him

Love your enemies! It will make them more angry.

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Thanks to everyone!

Viridian I know because it is very hard for me to keep up with the comments this week. Thanks so much and mimi thank you too so much for your sweet comment along with MUF and Cheryl as well. It's late so sorry about the combined reply but my eyes are crosssed from drawing again all day but wanted to make sure I at least replied tonight. Wink

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Santa is fabulouuuuuuuus!

Santa is fabulouuuuuuuus!

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Big smile Crown Five stars THIS IS TOO PRECIOUS, KUTE!!!

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ahw amazing again Laughing out loud

ur drawing so mmuch Tongue

Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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Hard to keep up with you this week.

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