u like??

“i confess... i only colored this”
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cute manga

cute manga

i love it

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\(^o^)/ haha i do like!!! =D she's adorable! and the color to go with it is beautiful! =D 5 stars!!! and on my favorites! keep up the amazing work hope to see more soon ^.^

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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lol and u said that my work was messy Smile jk i love this one alot it deserves a 5 stars Innocent

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LOOKS cute

there is nothing wrong in filling colors to a variate drawing..

just have fun doing it..(^_^)

here is my variate



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i like it ^^

very soft and nice colors, lovely ^^

El arte es el reflejo del mundo, si el mundo es horrible, el reflejo también lo es. PAUL VERHOEVEN

Art is the reflection of the world, if the world is horrible, the reflection is too. PAUL VERHOEVEN