“What does your imaganation say? Gost? Vampire?.....Santa?”
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Five stars It's Dorothy! This is one of the scenes that they cut from the movie when wierd manifestations started happening on the set and the wicked witch of the west was after her and oh ya the dog went missing and the tin man and the lion and the straw man got lost too. This is that wierd forest but as you know from the movie it all works out! (She's wearing the ruby slippers but you didn't show her feet!)

Have a wonderful day!

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Little Red Riding Hood ...

... got lost in the foggy wood and misplaced her basket ... now grandmama is waiting to EAT her ... argh!

Lovely monochrome drawing

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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I love how the trees arch

I love how the trees kind of arch over her. I don't really know what I see but very mysterious, with the hood, the hair flowing like it is and that faint face on her. Great draw.

You smell like muffins ;]

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well my imagination says...

*cough cough and narrator story*

She couldn't stand what she had done, the deep regret that she felt inside. Maybe she should walk back home and make amends. No... she couldn't do that. They could call her weak, she won't walk ten miles just to have them belittle her again. No, she knew not where she was headed but at this point anything would suffice as a home. She could walk and walk and walk without any direction. She was free to roam the states. As long as she wasn't caught she could make tons of new friends and never look back on the place she never called home


COUGH* .... Sorry... ummm thats wat i got from it >w<