unicorn utopy

“made with pc mouse”
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ploiesteana's picture
What a wonderful, magical

What a wonderful, magical scene! Not only the unicorn but the art how you created this atmosphere is pure magic! Bravo!

selva's picture
Fantasy landscape

with soft light, I like how you created the illusion of depth by fading the colors out in the distance. The unicorn fits in, the horn following the same angle as the mountains, but being so close the corner it pulls the eye away from the scene and out of the picture. I think the square preview shows a stronger composition. What I like best about the painting is the soft, mystical light. The painting glows. Well done.

marilens's picture

Nicely done, there is a mysterious yet magical feel about this place. Great unicorn... Great job.. Smile Five stars

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unicorn universe

Magical and beautiful, wonderful draw. Five stars