by ezd


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really great detailness .

really great detailness . nice


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In a comment I read that you use the mouse to create these drawings. I wonder if it is still valid because I noticed an improvement in a short time.Appreciate very much your technique and how you combine hues. You're a special one.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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great detail

you have a great imagination for scenes Smile


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drawing those trees must have

drawing those trees must have took forever!


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took forever

Thanks for watching!

Yes, it took me long to finish this too, I wanted to buy a digital tablet, it would help a lot.

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wonderful scene!

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wow! this is Amazing and very beautiful, wonderful details. Fantastic draw. 5 stars

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stunning scence!

amazing details, colors and all technics. two thumbs up!

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Amazing job on this. There are already such wonderful comments. I would just be repeating most of them! Smile I love it!

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I'm on that river canoning

I hear the river and feel the spray on my face. I love your style. Thelayers that make up the picture are like the layers that create our own life experience. The deeper and richer the color the more layers that exist underneath the finish picture. The birds and the broken cable give the picture context of time, nature and man.

I love watching the draw. Your art is fascinating to watch. Thank you for the experence. I love it.

5 stars

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