Please accept this really crummy doodle...

“Sorry for the crummy doodle, I'll redraw something over it soon, I hope. Havent been actively drawing lately :/ but! I'll continue to draw again sometime for Queeky once I get my motivation again :D!!! For now I'll be on PaigeeWorld since I've been drawing more on paper lately, so if you wanna see some more recent art then go there if you wanna :3, Cya guys laterrr!! ”
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* snaps fingers * Hey! No!

* snaps fingers * Hey! No! It looks great!

P.S At least you can draw hands. * cries silently in corner *



~Severus Snape

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don't apoligize

Yours is better than all mine combined in my eyes its perfect in the artists eye who made the painting or drawing should love it or they are not a true artist and you are a true artist so you should love any painting you do, and i do love my paintings im just saying you did way better then me! Big smile :Cool

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It's good!

Don't apologize it looks amazing it's still better than all mine!

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Don't's adorable...a doodle can turn into a noodle...corny I know...Smile

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Thank you

Haha Thank you for that corny joke MBM, That brighten my day Smile Ghost