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“practicing with the queeky drawing tool”
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you are very good using the tools here. Keep it up I'd love to see your gallery full of beautiful images

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That means a lot to me !

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Great drawing! But why can't

Great drawing! But why can't I find the video or flash player to see how you did this great drawing ?

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Good painting...well

Good painting...well done...

Chr, click on the right arrow in the middle at bottom of painting to see the video...Smile Or, just click on the painting itself...Smile

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Nope MBM!...all I get is a

Nope MBM!...all I get is a message saying I need flash player 10 all the other paintings work . Pity I would have liked to see the wolf being created. It is a beautiful painting Wenna....well done. CHR

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i get the same

on my computer i can watch it be replayed but on my ipad i get the same error message thing. - I'm not sure why its different to the rest of the drawings because i can watch all the others on my ipad :/