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“I watched one like this on you tube had to try it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU1FAvWp0MY”
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the red amplifies the

the red amplifies the tension, mystery.

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A wonderful painting full of

A wonderful painting full of atmosphere...well done DeweyW

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thank you CHR....

thank you CHR.... Smile

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A lovely picture with its

A lovely picture with its cityscape and especially with the lonely walking person, in a beautiful red contrasting to the rest ...

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thank you ploiesteana......

thank you ploiesteana...... Smile the red does stand out when i did this i thought about maybe yellow or yellow and red or maybe lite blue

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I Love This... You did a

I Love This...Smile You did a beautiful job of painting this...Bravo...Smile

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thank you MBM....

thank you MBM.... Smile

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That's so pretty!

That's so pretty!

"Challenge yourself and you will be surprised by your improvement." -Me

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thank you sweetie

thank you sweetie Smile