The Good Book

“I couldnt think of a name because it is late and I have been working on this too long. Thanks to Michelini I have a name for it now. Thanks for all your comments and rates on this too.”
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The Good Book

Another success. The crystal vase, the sunlight shinning through the window and the way it reflects on the book and the table, really awesome. Spiritual: the sunlight is the word, the word is the book, the flowers are the product. Wonderful. 5 stars

The peace that passes understanding.
Eve Michelini

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roses & sunrise glow

wow amazing so beautiful it makes me wna cry lol i love the sunshine efect that u gave it coming from outside it completes it so detailed


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This is beautiful. I adore

This is beautiful. I adore love the shading you have used to make the light stream in through the window. Five stars

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wonderful draw

The title for this drawing? hmmm ... I do not know, but I know it's an amazing job!

Great details and the lighting are awesome! Impressive work! 100 STARS Smile