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What a sad story, but it's great that you give it a voice through your art!

Thank you Betty!

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Thank you

ph for saying that. Yes we must speak for animals.

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Christ suffered one day - Many animals suffer weeks and years,

enduring. End mindless cruelty to animals.

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You are a great artist Betty

You are a great artist Betty and you have brought attention to animal cruelty.

I spend a lot of time I think trying to understand the minds of those who commit heinous acts whether on animals or humans and I can only come up with diseased minds, sick minds, corrupted minds whether it's what a person has been taught, what a person sees or what the diseased mind/brain thinks and then does...I do not believe in violence and there's usually something very strong within people that tell them it is wrong to hurt anyone or any animal so their minds must be very sick to do such things...we can however try to teach and show others that violence is wrong. Violence is wrong and torture and inhumanity is wrong...when I saw this monkey I thought; isn't this what we do to humans when they are arrested and I do not believe people should be treated inhumanely either and put in cages, but that is exactly what so many countries do...we must find humane ways to treat people who do even this to a monkey...our intellect must rise so that no inhumane treatment continues on animals or humans...We must show and teach that it is not good or acceptable to hurt any animal or any person....People like to punish instead of teach and help the sick minds that do such things and that won't help matters...we must teach goodness and humanity and rehabilitate instead of punishing...


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Thank you MBM

Punishment that is harsh only perpetuates violence and is an evil in itself. You are right when you say we have to rise as humans to be above such violence.

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Who would do such a cruel

Who would do such a cruel savage thing to a monkey...guess a cruel savage would do this...God awful...set this monkey free...