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It is the old finger joke

It is the old finger joke that got him: Ten or eleven fingers does he have? In English we say, it is un-F***ing-believable! Big smile Five stars


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You certainly captured a great expression of Unnnnbelievable! Fantastic! Smile Five stars

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How can you do such

How can you do such expressive faces, eyes? A whole palette of feelings are to read on this "unbelievable" face, your face...

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ooooooohh nnnnooo

I hope you get your problems worked out Sad but I like this one! He looks quite dumbfounded and I always like to watch you draw cause like marilens said, you are a very good teacher! Big smile Five stars

"When I work, I work very fast, but preparing to work can take any length of time."
~Alice Neel

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looking at something that shocks him big time... great expression and hands... excellent draw pppman. You are a very good teacher... Smile Five stars You make it look so easy. Smile Five stars

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U know

what, I draw this one because I can't upload a drawing to my account. But when I draw with my account login its saved in quick.

Maybe it's my file is corrupted.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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I understand

Something is messing up on queeky so it might not be your file. It won't upload anything today. I saved an unfinished draw on my comp and now I can't upload it to work on it so give it time and maybe they will get it fixed soon.