“Me and my boyfriend in Texas. Just for fun, based off a real photo but it doesnt really look like the photo.”
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Lovely portrait

I completely agree with pppman, I can feel the joy you guys seem to be feeling here!

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Good portrait,and great

Good portrait,and great style..

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Thank you.

Thank you. Smile

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Cool style.

I have the feeling that you guys really enjoy the day. Laughing out loud

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It was a ton of fun, we went to six flags. We were actually there for a competition:)

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great lines

good work. Sometimes it really doesn't matter it looks like that photo or not, just spread out the feeling in it, then is already great.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Thank you sooo much:)Smile

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great draw,love the

great draw,love the reflection in the sunglasses

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Thank you

I like that part too<3